Wearing devices requirements growing speedy in recent years, there are several purposes. HUAYUAN according to different clients, offer some different solutions for your guys, You see?




A with more colorful and creative design for youngers for fun or fashion and accessories  market demand. 

B bracelet with battery and LED lighting embedded can be flashing or alternately glowing with several colors triggered by mini switch, or by sound, or by vibration or remoted by a wireless controller in 500 to 1000 meter space.


Bracelet for Security Identification
A wonderful substitution for smart card or RFID / NFC with flexible utility free hand waring, combine functions as E-tickets, loyalty badge, payment credit device together; it can be divvied from one time purpose or recycle applications.

Security identification bracelets are embedded RFID/NFC chip, with reverent device and entrance of events or entertainment.
HUAYUAN ELECTRONIC had rich experience in RFID encapsulating products, most popular RFID bracelets products can be list as below:




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